Kazakh Yeli monument reflects key historical milestones of Kazakh statehood

ASTANA.  October 19. KAZINFORM As earlier reported a new Kazakh Yeli monument will be inaugurated in Astana tomorrow. In accordance with the project, four multi-figure bronze relief compositions of 6.5 m height have been fixed. The composition also includes statuary consisting of a central figure of 5.5 height and 11 bronze statues (3.75 m height each) surrounding it.

Bas-reliefs Zhassampazdyk (Creativeness), Kaharmadyk (Bravery), Bolashak (Future) and President and the people of Kazakhstan symbolizing major moral priorities and key historical milestones of the Kazakh statehood are united with a single rhythm. An old couple and a young one with a child express commonness of feelings and thoughts, connection of generations, succession of the previous and new capital cities.

The sculptures were erected around a statue of Mother. The statuary reflects Kazakh world in whole: mother and child, an old man blessing them, a woman in national costume, a young married couple, a girl letting a bird fly, a sportsman, a man with a child, a young girl with flowers in hand, a student and a kuyshi. All figures are closely connected with gestures and glances embodying indissoluble unity of the people of Kazakhstan.  

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