Kazakhs honourably represented their country at a Dubai school

ABU DHABI, DUBAI. February 24. KAZINFORM This week schools with the GEMS British system of school education in Dubai city (the United Arab Emirates) have conducted International Day for students and their parents.

The United Arab Emirates is a country where the share of immigrant workers (so called expats) is very high and amounts to about 80-85 per cent of the total population. Local population, or Emirat people are known for their tolerance to people of other nationalities, races and confessions. Expats enjoy the freedom to work and high level of services in the country.

It is noteworthy that in the UAE, like in other Gulf countries with developing economies there is a growing number of Russian-speaking immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and other states.

Kazakh people in the UAE are working in multinational companies of oil and gas industry, information technology, hotel industry and investment management. Most of the children of those Kazakh families are getting educated in the local schools with the American and the British systems of education.

Dubai British GEMS schools annually organize a social event for students and their parents called International Day.
This is something like an "exhibition" of countries where students together with their parents can present their homeland. They organize special stands exposing national attributes, gifts, crafts, household items and others. More organized and large communities from neighboring countries like Egypt, Syria, India, Iran show colorful musical acts with singing songs and folk dancing.

Kazinform correspondent had been invited to the event by his fellow nationals to one of the schools of Dubai and saw for himself that Kazakh people did their best to represent their countryat a high level. Kazakhstan exhibit showed our national "kiiz ui", nice posters with images of Astana and the natural scenery of the country and household of nomads. Baursaks and kumiss, dishes of Kazakh cuisine, aroused great interest of foreigners.

It should be noted that among the visitors were foreigners living in Kazakhstan, and are now working in Dubai. They have warm memories of kindness and hospitality of the Kazakhs, the beauty of our country, its wide steppes and high mountains. Many of them have told that if it is possible, they were ready to go to Kazakhstan again.

Kazakhs believe that when living away from home their children should not forget the national culture, the language, traditions and customs. Kazakh nationals expressed their thanks to the Kazakh Embassy in Abu Dhabi for the help in conducting the event.

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