Kazakhstan and China have strong economic complementarities, and the future prospects for cooperation are promising – Interview with Yao Sai, Vice Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture

Yao Sai
Photo credit: Yersultan Akhtanov/ Kazinform

At the "New Vision 2024: The Power of Business" forum, Kazinform News Agency reporter Diana Bizhanova had the opportunity to interview Yao Sai, Vice Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture and Chairman of the Silk Road Canal Green Finance International Cooperation Forum. Yao Sai shared insights into the burgeoning trade partnership between Kazakhstan and China, highlighting recent successes and future prospects under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and New Economic Policy. He emphasized the complementarities between the two nations, outlining plans for significant projects like the Kazakhstan-China International Forum on Green Finance and the Kazakhstan National Exhibition.

Could you share your views on the recent trade partnership between Kazakhstan and China and the prospects for its long-term development in the future?

In recent years, China and Kazakhstan have achieved fruitful results in economic development cooperation through the "One Belt, One Road" and the New Economic Policy. In particular, progress has been made in mining, agriculture and infrastructure construction. China and Kazakhstan have strong economic complementarities. Moreover, Kazakhstan is facing a stage of economic take-off. China has a huge market, advanced technology, and the two countries are connected by the bonds of friendship, so I believe that the economic cooperation between the two countries will continue to take a new step in the future.

Are there any new projects or cooperation plans for the economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and China in the near future?

This is a good question. We came to Kazakhstan this time to promote all-round economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and China. One of the main projects is to co-host with Kazakhstan the Kazakhstan-China International Forum on Green Finance, as well as the Kazakhstan National Exhibition. These two events are planned to be held within the framework of the China International Fair for Trade in Services this September. The conference will involve the participation of Kazakh and Chinese business, academic and political circles. The scientific, economic and business communities of the two countries will meet in depth. It is a great honor for me to be the organizer of the forum and the emissary of the "Golden Bridge on the Silk Road". Through the forum, we can develop economic and trade cooperation, industrial cooperation and agricultural cooperation. We have a lot of ideas, and before September, we will have many rounds of discussions with the Kazakh side, so as to really put the friendship and cooperation between the two countries into practice.

Yao Sai
Photo credit: Yersultan Akhtanov/ Kazinform

What position do you think Kazakhstan is in the field of international financial investment? What are the potential opportunities that need to be explored?

I am not a financial scientist, but I can talk about some intuitive feelings. Kazakhstan has rich resources, hard-working people, and a strong science and technology team. I think that Kazakhstan, especially within Central Asia, is a country that plays a leading role. I believe that Kazakhstan will certainly develop better in the next "Golden Thirty Years" because it has sufficient foundations and extensive international cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon visit Astana to attend the SCO Summit. Do you have any views on this summit that you would like to share?

The SCO Summit will be held on July 3-4 in the capital of Kazakhstan. Chinese leaders and leaders of other SCO countries will attend. After 23 years of joint efforts, the SCO has developed into a security barrier, a bridge of cooperation, a bond of friendship and a driving force for construction, and is an important force for the development of the region and the world. The summit in Kazakhstan will discuss a number of new topics and will be a new starting point for the SCO's construction. I expect that the summit will play a great role in promoting the development of the SCO and regional security, and at the same time better promote the friendship between China and Kazakhstan, as well as the economic development, cultural construction and scientific and technological exchanges between the two countries.

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