Kazakhstan and Russia began talks on reduction of influence of ruble on economy of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan and Russia began talks on the issues of reduction of influence of Russian ruble on the economy of Kazakhstan, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev told at the enlarged sitting of the Government today.

"The issue regarding weakening ruble and reduction of a demand for the products of Kazakhstan are extremely critical now. According to the reached agreements during the telephone talk with Vladimir Putin on February 9, you gave specific instructions, and the Government already began the process on development of mutually beneficial decisions and measures with the Russian side, B. Sagintayev said addressing the Head of State.

B. Sagintayev informed that taking into consideration falling down prices for oil, entrepreneurs in the region raise issues regarding the measures taken immediately by the Government.

First of all, these are issues regarding the support in the form of reduced tariffs for electricity, rail transportation and provision of access to trade facilities for manufacturers.

"All of these issues are being considered within the measures of support for 2015. The issues regarding reduced tariffs for rail transportation and electricity for some companies were considered and addressed right away," he added.

Secondly, ensuring of sale of products through increasing the requirements for the share of local content and signing of long-term contracts with national companies and strategic companies are also of special importance.

"In order to ensure Kazakhstani companies have contracts, 121 memorandums amounting to KZT 960 bln were signed between the national and strategic companies and regional administrations," the First Deputy Prime Minister added.

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