Kazakhstan and the U.S. have 'deep and extensive relationships'

ASTANA. July 10. KAZINFORM — Yesterday started the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Kazakhstan to the United States.

The first event in the program of the visit was a meeting with leadership of the largest US companies operating in Kazakhstan and interested in developing cooperation with our country, MFA reports.

At the meeting E.Idrissov told American businesspeople about the launched by the Head of our State "Kazakhstan-2050"Strategy having stressed that the presence of long-term development plan makes Kazakhstan a predictable and reliable business partner attractive for investment. The Kazakh diplomat also pointed out the enhancement strategy of "green economy" calling on leading US corporations to support the development of appropriate infrastructure and technology in Kazakhstan as well as to take part in the upcoming international exhibition "Expo-2017".

Then E.Idrissov hah talks with Chuck Hagel, Minister of Defense, Susan Rice, Advisor to the President for National Security and Anthony Blinkenom, her deputy.

The two sides negotiated over a wide range of issues of bilateral cooperation including military-technical collaboration, non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons, regional and international security and assistance to restore peace in Afghanistan.

E.Idrissov emphasized fruitful work of defense ministries of Kazakhstan and the United States as part of a 5-year cooperation plan for 2013-2017 and stressed the importance of further partnership in military education, military-technical cooperation and cybersecurity. To deepen further joint engagement in the field of defense both sides agreed to explore possibility of exchange visits of defense ministers.

Talking about Afghanistan the Kazakh Foreign Minister said that our country iwas a reliable regional partner of the United States. "The contribution of Kazakhstan is well known - we have assisted in the development of the Northern Distribution Network, supported the initiative of " New Silk Road ", successfully carried out Istanbul Process Ministerial Conference, provided humanitarian and technical assistance to Afghanistan, performed logistical support for US efforts as in transit to and from Afghanistan", stated Idrissov.

Chuck Hagel, Minister of US Defence, praised the comprehensive strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and the United States and expressed gratitude to the Kazakh leadership efforts to restore Afghanistan. "President Obama appreciates your country and understands the important role of Kazakhstan", said Hagel.

E.Blinken, Deputy Adviser to President on National Security, noted that the U.S. had established "deep and extensive relationships" with Kazakhstan stressing the commitment by Washington to further strengthening of bilateral partnership. The White House High Representative asked to convey warm greetings from Barack Obama to Nursultan Nazarbayev.

At the meeting with Michael Frohmann, the US Trade Representative, there were discussed cooperation on implementation of framework agreement on trade and investment as well as entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). E.Idrissov noted that Kazakhstan took great pains to meet all WTO standards.

Furthermore, on 8 July, the head of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with Wendy Sherman, US Deputy Secretary of State and Fridzhenti Laura, vice president of the World Bank and made a speech in a meeting themed "Current situation and priorities of foreign policy of Kazakhstan" which was organized by Atlantic Council of the United States.

Round table of the Atlantic Council gathered major political figures and prominent representatives of expert community in the US.

The second day of the visit E. Idrissov scheduled a meeting with the leadership of the State Department, the Department of Energy, the Organization of American States and the US Congress as well as interviews with leading American mass media.

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