Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan railroad transportations rise 3.5fold

BAKU. KAZINFORM In January-May 2022 railroad transportations between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan increased more than 3.5fold against the same period in 2021, Kazinform learned the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy company's office in Baku.

The volume of transportations between JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and CJSC Azerbaijan Railways reached 1,388,100 tons having increased by 1,088,800 tons or by 364% compared to the same period in 2021.

The volume of exports to Azerbaijan rose by 128,300 tons or 6.1-times primarily due to grain shipment. Meanwhile, the growth of transportation through Azerbaijan amounted to 884,600 tons, or 13.5 times due to the shipment of oil products and ferrous metals. Imports to/through Azerbaijan increased by 72,800 tons or by 115% due to an increase in the transportation of chemicals and soda.

Transit transportations rose by 3,100 tons or by 2% due to growth of foodstuffs transportation.

According to the Azerbaijani Center for Agrarian Research, in January-May 2022 export of Kazakhstan’s grain to Azerbaijan made 146,900 tons and amounted to $49.1mln.

Compared to January-May 2020 (6,300 tons), the volume of exports rose by 2218.4%, and by 2834.4% in monetary terms.

The share of Kazakhstan’s grain in Azerbaijan’s imports made 41.1%.

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