Kazakhstan develops rural cardiac service

ASTANA. April 5. KAZINFORM Cardiac and cardio-surgical interventional services are developing in the country within "Salamatty Kazakhstan" Program," Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "National Cardiac Surgery Center" Makhabbat Bekbosynova said in an interview for PM.kz site.

As earlier reported, the program on development of cardio-surgical and cardiac services was implemented in 2007-2009. It allowed to open new surgical and interventional departments in the regional hospitals.

One of the purposes of "Salamatty Kazakhstan" Program is to continue development of cardiac and interventional cardio-surgical services. For example, angiographic operation rooms and cardio-surgical clinics were founded on the basis of the regional cardiac center. Now, it is necessary to increase the quality of such clinics, doctors and services to a high level. In accordance with the standards, there should be 10 angiographic operation clinics per 2.5 million people, M.Bekbosynova said.

According to her, special emphasis is placed on the dispensary treatment since 90% of patients having cardiovascular diseases are treated in the hospitals.

Besides, at the suggestion of the Healthcare Ministry special attention is also paid to the development of rural cardiac services. Interdistrict cardiac rooms are established in the regions.

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