Kazakhstan evacuated 99 citizens from Gaza Strip – New episode of ‘New Time’ available now

Jibek Joly
Photo: Jibek Joly TV channel

Through the efforts of our diplomats, almost 100 citizens of Kazakhstan were repatriated from the Gaza Strip. A special flight with evacuated Kazakhstanis and members of their families landed in Almaty on November 17. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that the successful evacuation is the result of concerted efforts of the Kazakh embassies based in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. The head of the Ministry, Murat Nurtleu, speaking at the Summit of the League of Arab States, stressed that Kazakhstan fully supports rights of Palestinians to create an independent state and called for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. Learn about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a brand-new special section of “New Time” TV show – “Explainer”.

The Kazakh national currency celebrates its 30th anniversary. Tenge, the name of the national currency of Kazakhstan, has undergone a lot of changes since its first release in 1993. ‘New Time’ reporter Balzhan Samigullina spoke to those, who started independent history of the Kazakh national currency. One of the first chairmen of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigory Marchenko gave an exclusive interview to ‘New Time’ TV show. The renowned banker shared his insights into the milestones of the national economy.

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