Kazakhstan exported more than half of its wheat and flour to CA region

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The number of container trains running via the territory of Kazakhstan en China-Europe route has increased almost 2.5 times. Thus, 1,210 trains have been sent by this route since the year beginning while in the same period in 2015 this figure made 503 only.

Kazakhstan railways company observes also growth in the number of container trains  operating via the transit area through Kazakhstan from Europe to China (245 trains since Jan 2016 against 101 trains in 2015).

Over 5 mln tonnes of crops have been delivered since the year beginning including 3 mln tonnes for export. The company has already transported around 2 mln tonnes of flour, including 1.5 mln tonnes for export.

Presently, the company takes measures to expand the geography of export transportation routes and increase the volume of cargo delivered by container trains.

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