Kazakhstan exports materials for new-generation car batteries

Kazakhstan exports materials for new generation car batteries
Photo credit: Kazakh Science Ministry

Scientists of the Physics and Technology Institute and Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University in cooperation with the Balausa Company from Kyzylorda region launched the industrial batch of vanadium mixed oxides, Kazinform News Agency cites the Science and Higher Education Ministry.

Domestic vanadium raw materials and vanadium battery acid production technologies allow the production of competitive vanadium car batteries in the future. To this end, Kazakhstan established cooperation with the world’s largest vanadium car battery manufacturers, in particular, VRB and Invinity. An opportunity to produce vanadium car batteries for the production of green energy is being studied in depth.

Kazakhstan exports materials for new generation car batteries
Kazakh Science Ministry

Currently, the company manufactures over 30 tons of finished goods per month for export. 20 tons were sent to Austria.

Companies from Japan, India, the UK, and China vest interest in the company’s goods.

The project is supported by the Science Foundation of the Kazakh Science and Higher Education Ministry. 

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