Kazakhstan finishes on top of medals table of 6th Asian Cadet and Junior Judo Cup

Фото: olympic.kz
ALMATY. KAZINFORM – Kazakhstan topped the medals tally at the recently concluded 6th Asian Cadet and Junior Judo Cup in memory of Beket Makhmutov held in Almaty city, Kazinform cites the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstani juniors team claimed the first place at the Asian Judo Cup in Almaty with nine gold, six silver, and 12 bronze medals. Uzbekistan and Mongolia were second and third, respectively.

Kazakhstan also finished on top of the medals tally of the tournament’s youth events with a total of seven gold, six silver, and 14 bronze medals. Coming in second was the Uzbek team with five gold, seven silver, and seven bronze medals. Kyrgyzstani youth athletes claimed the third place with one gold and five bronze.

In total, 680 athletes from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Hong Kong, Georgia, Mongolia, and the USA vied for medals at the 6th edition of the Asian Cadet and Junior Judo Cup held in memory of Beket Makhmutov in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

It was said that ranking points are to be awarded at the tournament held at the Baluan Sholak Sport Palace.

Beket Makhmutov headed the Kazakhstan Judo Federation in 2009-2012. He also was the Vice President of the Judo Union of Asian.

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