Kazakhstan-German Forum ‘Intercultural Dialogue in Kazakhstan –Progress through Diversity’ held in Cologne

LIN. November 6. KAZINFORM /Yuliya Chernova/ Kazakhstan-German Forum 'Intercultural Dialogue in Kazakhstan - the Progress through Diversity' took place yesterday in Cologne city within "Year of Kazakhstan in Germany"; the Kazakh Embassy in Germany said.  

Over one hundred guests - representatives of official and business circles of Germany, public and religious unions, high educational institutions, Kazakh Diaspora and former citizens of Kazakhstan took part in the event organized by Otto Benecke Foundation.

Professor of Rein University Johannes Shinke greeted the forum participants. Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Germany Nurlan Onzhanov pointed out increased significance of tolerance as one of the main factors for stability and relevance of the Kazakhstan's initiatives on promotion of interfaith and interethnic concord.

In his report 'The Dialogue - the Basis of Integration' L. Lemper mentioned as an instance the Kazakhstan-German relations as the dialogue based on friendship and mutual understanding.

Deputy of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament T. Mukhamedzhanov informed of the efforts of Kazakhstan in construction of interethnic and cross-cultural concord, as well as on legislation promoting equality of rights and freedoms of all the population despite their ethnic and religious affiliation. He also informed of the results of III Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions held in Astana this summer.

Professor A. Abuov considered the issues of religion in Kazakhstan, informed of the activity of the International Center for Cultures and Religions created according to the initiative of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He pointed out such principal objectives of the center as the development of international ties, study and use of the experience of other countries as well as promotion of cultural and intellectual development of population of the country.

A presentation of the book published by the Kazakh Embassy in Germany, titled: "Intercultural and Interreligious Harmony: the New Model of Development of Multinational Kazakhstan" took place within the forum.

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