Kazakhstan honors veterans of war: social payment of 2 million tenge in Astana and other regions distributed for the Victory Day

Photo credit: Mukhtor Kholdorbekov / Kazinform

Veterans in Kazakhstan are recipients of significant social support, with recent disbursements reaching all regions of the nation, including the cities of Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent. In total, an allocation of 187 million tenge from local budgets has been earmarked for this purpose. By the decree of the Astana city akimat, payments to Great Patriotic War veterans for the 79th anniversary of Victory Day have been doubled. Consequently, veterans in Astana will receive 2 million tenge each ($4 546,48). As of today, there are 7 Great Patriotic War veterans residing in the capital, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

Under existing regulations governing social assistance, the amounts of one-time payments by May 9th are determined individually in each region, contingent upon the capacities of local budgets and decisions made by local assemblies (maslikhats).

Following the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection's guidance, in recent years, most regions have adopted uniform payment amounts for veterans. This year, the average one-time social assistance payment nationwide stands at 1.5 million tenge ($3 409,86). However, several regions have disbursed amounts exceeding this average, notably 3 million tenge ($6 819,72) in the Akmola region and over 2 million tenge in the Aktobe region. Additionally, veterans in the Abai, Almaty, Karaganda, Pavlodar regions, as well as in the cities of Astana and Almaty, have received 2 million tenge ($4 546,48) each.

Presently, there are 148 Great Patriotic War veterans residing in the republic. Irrespective of other forms of social support, these veterans receive a monthly special government allowance equivalent to 16 times the Monthly Calculation Index (MCI), totaling 59,072 tenge ($134,28) in 2024.

Additionally, veterans entitled to privileges equivalent to Great Patriotic War veterans (excluding Chernobyl disaster participants and Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident victims) such as military personnel who served during the Great Patriotic War period, individuals who participated in combat actions against fascist Germany, residents who endured the Leningrad blockade, juvenile prisoners of war, military personnel disabled due to injuries, individuals disabled as a result of radiation accidents or incidents at civil or military facilities, nuclear testing, and their offspring with genetically linked disabilities due to parental radiation exposure, will receive payments equivalent to 45 times the MCI, amounting to 166,140 tenge ($377,68).

Veterans of combat actions on the territories of other states (excluding Afghanistan veterans), such as military personnel deployed to the Tajik-Afghan border, participants in international peacekeeping operations in Iraq, and contributors to the resolution of ethnic conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, will also receive payments equivalent to 45 times the MCI, totaling 166,140 tenge ($377,68).

Furthermore, other individuals covered under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Veterans" (such as rear workers, families of deceased servicemen, surviving spouses of deceased Great Patriotic War veterans) will receive payments equivalent to 15 times the MCI, totaling 55,380 tenge ($125,89).

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