Kazakhstan investigates training aircraft crash in Aktobe

AKTOBE. July 22. KAZINFORM Investigation into the crashed training aircraft "L-39" continued Monday in Aktobe, the administrative center of Kazakhstan's Aktobe region.

"Now investigations are carried out. The black box is preserved, but experts will conclude in twenty days or in a month," Bahytkazy Zhuniszhanov, head of the Military Investigation Department of the Western Region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said Monday according to Xinhua.

According to him, there were some twenty versions of the causes for the incident.

"By process of elimination you can only come to the right conclusion," Zhuniszhanov noted.

The chief of military and investigative management explained that accident on a runway of the Aktobe airport is investigated jointly with the inter-departmental commission.

"From our side we interrogate witnesses. Biological, chemical, physical and chemical, forensic medical examinations are conducted. Documentation, materials on the technical condition of the plane, and also record of video surveillance from video recorders" is withdrawn completely, he added.

"L-39" was a jet trainer aircraft owned by the Military Institute of Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It crashed on the evening of July 17, killing Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Vissarionov, the methodist and inspector of Aviation Security of the Institute, and Arman Massalimov, 2nd year cadet of the Military Institute Arman Massalimov, on the spot.

Violation of rules for flights or their preparations could lead to criminal charges.

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