Kazakhstan invited Italian importers to take part in EEU projects

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan invited Italian importers to take part in joint projects of the EEU, Acting Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan's Foreign Commerce Chamber Ruslan Sultanov told.

"The Eurasian Economic Union is a leader in terms of the territory, it's eighth in terms of the population, 6th in terms of the scale of the economy taking into account the total GDP reaching USD 3 trln. The EEU member states account for one fifth of all world's gas reserves and 15% of all oil reserves. We have a great potential for cooperation," R. Sultanov told at the conference with the participation of Italian importers in Astana.

Besides, he told about the main advantages of the EEU for Italian importers. "What is the advantage for potential investors of Kazakhstan? If we talk about investing in production of goods or services in Kazakhstan it means that these products can be later sold all over the territory of the EEU. First of all, it's the Russian market, which totals about 146 million people. For example, about 26 million people live in near-border regions of Russia with Kazakhstan," he specified.

R. Sultanov also noted that Kazakhstan was not just about EEU, Kazakhstan has great opportunities for increasing the potential within the WTO.

"We try to participate in forming of the rules of the international trade. This year we have become a legitimate member of the WTO, which is an additional advantage for investors. Moreover, Italy is a priority for Kazakhstan in terms of development of trade and economic cooperation," R. Sultanov added.

As earlier reported, 12 Italian companies are visiting Astana these days. Most of them are looking for importers, distributors and representatives in Kazakhstan.

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