Kazakhstan launches high-speed communication cable production

ASTANA. March 21. KAZINFORM  Kelsis has launched high-speed UTP cable production, the Kazakh National Innovation Fund said.

According to the report, the first batches have been already supplied to customers. The company plans to reach full production capacity by late 2012.

The high-speed cable production project was approved in 2009 by a decision of the general meeting of the Delta Technology venture fund's shareholders, Trend reports.

The National Innovation Fund's share is 49 percent. The total project cost is 793.15 million tenge.

UTP cable can transmit data up to 1 Gb/sec.

According to the report, only one plant in the CIS can produce similar quality products. There is the only measuring laboratory at the plant in Kazakhstan. There is only one such a laboratory in the CIS.

The planned production capacity is 33 000 km of UTP cable in a year.


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