Kazakhstan may launch world's first-ever ‘Ministry of Marketing'

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Budding entrepreneur Rassul Abdullayev addressed President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the unveiling ceremony of the Year of Youth at the Nur Alem Pavilion today, Kazinform correspondent reports.

In his speech the young businessman talked about his projects to promote Kazakhstan's image abroad. One of the projects is the so-called Ministry of Marketing of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its mission is to rebrand Kazakhstan and showcase the rebranded version in the international arena.

"'The ministry' will become a platform for the development and support as well as improving PR services of all governmental agencies and popularizing the Rukhani Janghyru's ideas not only in Kazakhstan but abroad," noted Abdullayev while addressing the ceremony.

He assured the Kazakh President that he had already formed the team of professionals, consisting of strategists, analytical experts, directors, screenwriters and content makers. "All we need is a chance and we will demonstrate a result as soon as possible," said Abdullayev noting that it will be the first ministry of marketing in the world.

Another initiative Rassul Abdullayev came up with is a ‘Find yourself' project. As part of this initiative, young Kazakhstanis will search for their true self by attending special trainings to get hands-on skills in various spheres. That, in his words, will help Kazakhstani youth find their way in life, become professionals and find their lifework.

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