Kazakhstan not to face with influx of labor force from Eurasian Union, ministry says

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan will not face a huge influx of labor force from other countries of the Eurasian Union, Kazakh Ministry of Health and Social Development forecasts.

"We expect that the level of influx will remain at the level of 2014. We do not expect any threats for Kazakhstan's labor market ", Deputy Health and Social Development Minister Svetlana Zhakupova said at a briefing in the Central Communications Service on Jan. 8.

In total 7,990 people from Russia, 560 from Belarus and 260 from Armenia came to work in Kazakhstan in 2014.

The quota for foreign labor force was set at 63,000 people in Kazakhstan in 2014, meanwhile just 29,000 foreign citizens received work permits. The quota for foreign labor force for 2015 is set at 63,900 people in Kazakhstan, Kazinform refers to trend.az.

On January 1, 2015 the treaty between the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus authorizing the EEU went into effect. Armenia joined a day later, while Kyrgyzstan is set to join in May. Membership talks with Tajikistan are ongoing.

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