Kazakhstan People's Assembly member: Year of Youth - remarkable event for all Kazakhstanis

ALMATY. KAZINFORM The Year of Youth in Kazakhstan will open a way to a bright future for the country's youth. Both the Leader of the Nation and the government have paved a way for this purpose, member of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Union of Uighur Youth of Kazakhstan Rustam Kairiyev says.

"Kazakhstani youth demonstrates today its potential both at the national and international level. Young people worthily represent our country at international music and sports events. They actively participate in launching startups and in implementing innovations," he notes.

In his opinion, Kazakh youth becomes more competitive at the global level. The governmental youth development programmes turned out to be effective.

"Our youth has been set an objective to build a new Kazakhstan which will join the club of 30 most developed countries of the world. This year is a symbolic one for the Union of Uighur Youth of Kazakhstan, since our association marks its 20th anniversary in 2019. We are happy that this event coincides with the Year of Youth. I congratulate all the young people of the country on the official launch of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. It is a great honour for the young people. It is a big start. We must be better, we must be more creative," stressed Rustam Kairiyev.

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