Kazakhstan plans to join world’s TOP-40 countries with most favorable logistics climate – KTZ

ASTANA. KAZINFORM According to the development strategy of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Kazakhstan plans to join the world's TOP-40 countries with the best logistics climate. President of KTZ Askar Mamin said it today at the session on "The Great Silk Road Countries Forum: Energy, Resources and Sustainable Development" held within the Astana Economic Forum 2016.

According to Mamin, his company plans to further increase container transportations.

“Our objective today is to take measures to improve our LPI index and join the world’s TOP-40 countries with the most favorable logistics climate by 2020. We plan to continue working in this area and I believe this work will be productive,” he noted.

"The income of the company from transit makes 30% now. We plan to raise this indicator to 50% in 2020,” he added.

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