Kazakhstan pockets 109 medals at XX Int’l Zhautykov Olympiad in Almaty

Photo credit: Kazakh Enlightenment Ministry.

The solemn closing ceremony of the XX International Zhautykov Olympiad (IZhO) took place in Almaty. The annual contest in math, physics, and informatics brought together 700 students from 16 countries, Kazinform News Agency learnt from the Kazakh Enlightenment Ministry.

The Kazakh Enlightenment Minister, Gani Beissembayev, congratulated the participants of the XX Olympiad.

The team of the President’s Physics and Mathematics Lyceum N. 239 of Saint Peterburg won the Grand Prix of the Olympiad.

The Moscow Lyceum named after Ovchinnikov took home the first prize. The teams of the Mathematics and Physics Special School N. 199 named after Komarov of Tbilisi and the Physico-Technical Lyceum named after Kapitsa of Dolgoprudny city shared second place.

The teams of the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University, the Sofia High School of Mathematics, the Physico-Technical Lyceum named after Kapitsa of Dolgoprudny and the Republican Physics and Mathematics School of Almaty rounded out the top three.

Kazakh students swept 109 medals, including 10 gold, 43 silver, and 56 bronze medals at large.

The jury consisted of representatives of Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, South Korea, China, and the U.S.

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