Kazakhstan ready to consider possibility of resuming Syrian peace process

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – The Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a commentary on the results of the 20th International High-Level Meeting on Syria in the Astana format, Kazinform cites the press service of the Ministry.

The announcement by the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 20th International High-Level Meeting on Syria in the Astana format as the final stage of the negotiation process on its territory is based on the following:

It is known that this format was created as a supplementary negotiating platform to the Geneva process and was intended to solve specific practical tasks to end the conflict.

At present, its initial goals of creating de-escalation zones, stopping bloodshed between the conflicting sides and preventing a large-scale humanitarian crisis have been achieved.

Today, the political situation in the Middle East region is changing dramatically. There is a desire to restore relations between the Arab states and Damascus. Syria's membership in the Arab League has been renewed.

Brotherly Republic of Turkiye intends to normalize relations with friendly Syria.

In this regard, the gradual withdrawal of Syria from isolation in the region can be regarded with firm confidence as a successful result of the efforts of the so-called Astana Process on Syria.

At the same time, if the participants of the International Meetings on Syria in the Astana format express a collective request to continue negotiations in Astana, Kazakhstan is ready to consider the possibility of resuming the process as a gesture of goodwill, taking into account the progress of negotiations at other platforms and the situation in Syria in general.