Kazakhstan ready to share PPP development practices with Belarus

MINSK. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan is ready to share its practices in the development of public-private partnership with Belarus, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Center Galymbek Mamrayev told BelTA.

Kazakh experts worked on a technical assistance project in Belarus in April 2016. They analyzed the prospects for the development of PPP in Belarus. "Today we see considerable progress. In April, we discussed the legal framework. There was only one PPP project under consideration. Now there are seven projects. We believe that most of them can be implemented," Galymbek Mamrayev said.

 However, to secure success in this area, it is necessary to further improve the legislation and engage professional consultants in the process. "From our experience, we know that consultants are needed," he stressed. Galymbek Mamrayev noted that Belarus has a realistic picture of the opportunities and prospects for PPP development. "The projects that are feasible get selected. This is the right approach: if a project has certain drawbacks, it should be postponed or even dropped," the expert believes.

In Kazakhstan, the development of PPP is supported both from the domestic funds and the resources attracted from international funds. The amount of financing provided to PPP projects at the national and regional levels differs considerably. "At the national level, a project can receive some $2-3 million, and at the local level the figure is significantly lower," Galymbek Mamrayev said. All risks associated with the drafting of the project documentation are always borne by the private partner. The state reserves the right to drop the project.

Galymbek Mamrayev also described two mechanisms for financing of PPP projects. "The first is the centralized financing program of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan, and the second is a separate fund with an external manager for increased management transparency," he explained.  

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