Kazakhstan reports fall in industrial products’ prices

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Prices for industrial products have fallen 18.1% over the past six months of current year in Kazakhstan, Kazinform cites the Statistics Committee.

While the mining sector has seen prices falling by 34%, the manufacturing sector reported an increase of 0.5% in its products' prices. Industrial products lost their value by 20.3%, whereas industrial services went up by 3.7%. Last month saw producer enterprises' fuel oil prices down by 50.6%, oil down by 43.7%, propane and butane down by 26.7%, gasoline down by 11.8%, diesel fuel down by 6.8%, while metal ores rose by 8.9%, coal by 1.4%, natural gas by 0.6% in value.

According to the Statistics Committee, there were the following price reductions: lead by 16.8%, zinc by 16.7%, aluminum by 13.6%, copper by 2.9%, ferrous metals by 2.5%, whereas increases were seen in prices for precious metals by 12.2%, and ferroalloys by 6.4%.

Rise in prices for cereals by 9.8%, wheat floor by 8.8%, rye floor by 6.5%, tea by 6.6%, meat from cattle by 7.2%, poultry by 2.6%, pasta by 5.5%, milk products by 4.7%, sugar by 4.1%, rice by 4%, bread by 3.8%, and vegetable oil by 2.8% were reported as well.

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