Kazakhstan revises domestic violence prevention policy

Kazakhstan revises domestic violence prevention policy
Photo credit: Kazinform

The Government of Kazakhstan revises domestic violence prevention policy, Kazinform News Agency quotes Renat Zulkhairov, chief of the Administrative Police Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs, as saying.

In his words, mobile groups were set up in regions to identify disadvantaged families. Local police inspectors have already visited 150,000 families and identified 500 ones needing state support. The information on them was sent to the relevant governmental structures. 24-hour hotline service is operating for all those needing a consultation and support.

Under the action plan in the field of human rights and rule of law approved by the President’s decree as of December 8, 2023, together with the Children’s Rights Ombudsman Dinara Zakiyeva and deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament, legislative amendments were drafted to enhance women’s and children’s protection and to promote family values, said Renat Zulkhairov.

According to him, intended bodily harm and blows will be criminalized. Courts will be entitled to evict temporarily an aggressor from a dwelling and resettle him/her in social rehabilitation centers. Besides, courts will have the right to assign mandatory psychocorrective courses in healthcare facilities for the aggressors. Moreover, the ministry of internal affairs will establish a specialized division for fight with domestic violence.

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