Kazakhstan's Innovative Development Conception till 2020 approved

ASTANA. July 24. KAZINFORM Today the Kazakh Ministers have approved a draft Conception of Kazakhstan's Innovative Development till 2020 presented by Kazakh Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev at the government session.

According to him, this Conception was worked out according to the Kazakh President's instruction under the optimization of the program documents in the sphere of innovation development.

"There will be realized two key issues. The first one is the development of critical for Kazakhstan technologies, and the second is forming of the system of innovation activity support," A. Issekeshev explained.

50 benchmarks are provided for the Conception realization.

"Such a large number of benchmarks correspond to the international experience and due to the fact the concept should encompass a broad field of innovation. Among them are: the availability of venture capital, subscriber density of broadband Internet, the number of projects commercialized and retired to the introduction, the share of innovation active enterprises, the number of attracted foreign small innovative companies and other,"  he added.

The Conception of Kazakhstan's Innovative Development till 2020 will be realized in two 5-year programs; innovations development and development of science.

The Kazakh Minister of Industry also said that in the process of the concepts' developing experts from OECD, UNECE, as well as key institutions for the development of science, technology and innovation in the U.S., Europe and Korea were involved.

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