Kazakhstan’s potential is enormous, but it should be bridged with implementation – Michael Roee

Photo: astanainternationalforum.org
ASTANA. KAZINFORM – During one of the plenary sessions at the Astana International Forum in the Kazakh capitalб Michael Roee, Chairman of the Israel-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said Kazakhstan’s potential is enormous, but it should be bridged with implementation, Kazinform correspondent reports.

In his remarks, Mr. Roee revealed that during his 20 years in Kazakhstan he traveled through the country from Zhanaozen to Zhetysai, from Saryagash to Maktaaral, from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Kostanay.

«I don’t remember even where I’ve been and I want to combine it to one big word – capacity, capacity that can be produced in Kazakhstan. We are in a fascinating country there is no even one country like this in the world. The potential is enormous,» he stressed.

In his words, Israel has roughly 150 000 ha of irrigation fields, while Ordabasy district in the south of Kazakhstan has 75,000 ha of fields, half of what Israel has. «We are producing food for 10 million people and exporting about 2 million dollars of products abroad,» he said.

Michael Roee went on to stress that Kazakhstan’s potential is enormous. God gave you everything - land, water, climate, but now we have to bridge between the potential and implementation,» he added.