Kazakhstan's ships as good as ships made at Chinese maritime shipyard - Commander-in-Chief of the Kazakh Naval Forces

AKTAU. July 20. KAZINFORM Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission (CMC) General-Colonel Fan Changlong attended Oral artillery missile ship test operation in Aktau during his first offical visit to Kazakhstan.

The ship made by Ural ship plant will perform military tasks in the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea for ensuring the country's security. Oral ship is equipped with rocket-gunnery arms, navigation equipment and modern communications.

According to Kazakh Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Zhanzakov, Kazakhstan can produce ships. And ships manufactured in Kazakhstan are as good as ships made at Chinese maritime shipyard.

"Large-scale exercises of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be held next year on the territory of China. The military, heavy machinery and aircraft will participate on behalf of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan," Zhanzakov added.

After the visit Colonel-General Fan Changlong and Naval infantry commander Mereke Kuchekbaev exchanged souvenirs.

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