Kazakhstan seeks to develop hydrogen energy

Photo: freepik.com

The country’s energy ministry has presented the concept of the development of hydrogen energy until 2040, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

According to the data presented, coal accounts for 48.2% of the country's total primary energy consumption, natural gas – 26.4% and oil and oil products – 23.5%. The renewable energy sector is responsible for a mere 1.9%.

Kazakhstan also seeks to develop hydrogen energy as part of its efforts on decarbonization, diversification and transition to more environmentally sustainable solutions as well as to achieve the SDGs and fulfill its intentional commitments regarding climate protection and reduction of greenhouse gases. Hydrogen production using different energy sources, including renewables, is a promising area aimed at reducing carbon emissions and developing new technologies, reads the concept.

The document is in public discussion until May 13, 2024.

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