Kazakhstan stands for info exchange among Turkic-speaking countries’ customs services

BAKU. KAZINFORM The Turkic-speaking countries should recognize the results of one another's customs controls, Gosman Amrin, deputy chairman of the State Revenue Committee at the Kazakh Finance Ministry, told reporters June 3 in Baku.

Amrin said the exchange of information among the customs services of the Turkic-speaking countries is not at the proper level.

"If there is no prompt exchange of information among customs administrations, each administration has to repeat the whole process of customs control, which affects the period of deliveries," he noted. "Therefore, firstly, we need to ensure the timely exchange of information among the customs services of our countries."

"It is necessary to recognize the results of other countries' inspections - this is the highest level of cooperation, something that our countries' leaderships want us to do," added Amrin.

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