Kazakhstan surpasses Russia, U.S. in Bloomberg Healthcare Efficiency Index

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan is ranked 45th in Bloomberg's most efficient healthcare ranking, surpassing Belarus (48th), the U.S. (50th) and Russia (55th), Kazinform has learnt from Bloomberg.

It should be noted that Bloomberg ranks countries on the efficiency of their healthcare system based on life expectancy, healthcare spending per capita and relative spending as a share of gross domestic product. Last year Kazakhstan spent about 4.36% of GDP per person and life expectancy was 71.62.

According to the ranking, Kazakhstan's neighbors in the Eurasian Economic Union - Russia and Belarus - spend about 7.07% of GDP with life expectancy of 70.37 and - 5.69% of GDP with life expectancy of 72.98 respectively.

Russia sits at the bottom of the ranking next to Brazil (54th), Azerbaijan (48th), Columbia (47th) and Jordan (51st).

Spain improved its standing by moving five spots up to number 3. Coming in at number 2 is Singapore. Hong Kong consistently tops the ranking.

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