Kazakhstan to build three mudflow check dams

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan will start this year building three mudflow check dams, Kazinform reports.

The active meltdown of glaciers in mountainous regions of Kazakhstan, triggered off by climate changes, urged reconsidering of antimudlfow and landslide protection support system of inhabited areas.

"For the past three years, the number of moraine glaciers increased by 100%. According to research carried out, it is planned to build three new mudflow check dams in 2019. The state investments will amount to some USD 100 mln," Talgat Nurmagambetov told on the sidelines of the forum on natural calamities in Central Asia and financial protection mechanisms.

"In 2018 Kazakhstan allotted USD 38 mln for the construction and strengthening of 107 mudflow check dams, restoration of 71 waterworks, 8 bridges, and 12 highways," he added.

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