Kazakhstan to create national continuous inclusive education centre

inclusive education issues
Photo credit: Kazakh Enlightenment Ministry

Kazakh Enlightenment Minister Gani Beissembayev paid a visit to the city of Almaty to meet representatives of scientific community and NGOs and debate special and inclusive education issues, Kazinform News Agency reports.

Addressing those present the minister said the inclusive education development remains one of the state policy priorities. Realizing the importance of the development of this direction the ministry opened the special inclusive education department in December 2023. It is planned to open the national continuous inclusive education centre as special education requires an individual approach to each child. He said the 'inclusive education' module will be included in the curricula of teacher’s training universities, and new teacher’s qualification upgrading courses will be developed.

Following the meeting the minister assigned to draft a strategic plan for the development of inclusive education in the country.

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