Kazakhstan to impose quarantine restrictions since July 5

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM At today’s meeting of the state commission under the chairmanship of Kazakh PM Askar Mamin pursuant to the task of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev debated were measures aimed at stabilizing the country’s epidemiological situation, the PM’s official website reads.

The Kazakh Healthcare Minister, Alexey Tsoi, reported on the health situation and measures proposed to curb the coronavirus spread. The state commission decided to impose restrictions for 14 days since July 5 due to surge in coronavirus cases and worsening of the epidemiological situation the countrywide.

The international air service will remain the same with no further extension of destinations. Air service between the regions will remain, railway service will be restricted. The bus service between the regions will be suspended. The public transport will be restricted.

It is forbidden to hold sports, family and other mass events. Individual trainings are allowed outdoors. It is restricted to walk in the streets, visit parks and squares, it is allowed to gather in groups of no more than 3 people. People aged 65 and above are restricted to go outside. Pharmaceuticals, food stores, open markets will work further.

Depending on the country’s epidemiological situation the said restrictions may be prolonged for 2 weeks more or toughened.

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