Kazakhstan to install monuments to historic figures 5 years after death

Monuments to historic figures
Photo credit: فوتو: اقوردا

Kazakhstan has mapped out new rules of installing monuments and statues to historical figures. As per the rules, statues dedicated to named prominent figures will be erected 5 years after their death, with some exceptions, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The corresponding decree of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information about the newly developed rules has been released on Open NPA (LSI) web portal.

“The said rules of erecting installations of monumental art have been developed in line with subparagraph 20 of Article 10 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On protection and use of tangible cultural heritage” in order to outline the procedure of installing dedicated sculptures,” the document reads.

As per the document, the installation are erected to eternalize memory of historic figures or milestones by local executive bodies at the expense of budgetary and extrabudgetary funds.

The installation of commemorations and monuments will be dated to jubilee and other milestones to prominent figures in accordance with the resolution #1465 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of September 28, 1999.

On top of that, a statue will be erected in case the name of the historic figure is featured in the list approved by the Republican onomastic commission.

“A commemoration to a prominent figure will be installed only five years after his or her death. However, this rule doesn't apply to cases of exceptional heroism and courage as well as tangible contribution to strengthening of the country's independence,” the document says.

The document will be open for public discussion until May 21, 2024.

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