Kazakhstan to switch to single time zone Mar 1

single hour zone
Photo credit: freepik.com

Kazakhstan will switch to the single time zone at 00:00 on March 1, 2024, to introduce the UTC+05.00 time throughout the country, Kazinform News Agency reports.

According to the decree as of November 23, 2000, the akimats of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent cities, as well as Akmola, Almaty, Zhambyl, Karaganda, Kostanay, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, Turkistan, East Kazakhstan, Abai, Zhetysu, and Ulytau regions, have to turn the clock back an hour in the night of February 29th to March 1st at 00.00.

As of today, there are two time zones in Kazakhstan UTC+5 and UTC+6. The greater part of Kazakhstan but for the western regions is situated in the UTC+6 time zone.

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