Kazakhstan to use OECD countries’ experience – Minister of National Economy

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazakhstani delegation headed by Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev participated in the Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) at the OECD Paris Headquarters.

The participants discussed the issues regarding enhancement of contribution to trade and investments for inclusive growth as well as implementation of integration and transforming sustainable development goals.

The meeting topic was “Plan for 2030: Universal Agenda for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth”. According K.Bishimbayev, the agenda correlates with Kazakhstan’s plans on accession to the most competitive countries of the world. The Minister expressed confidence that Kazakhstan may apply OECD countries’ experience for achieving this goal.

Besides, Kazakhstan approaches to the completion of a country program providing for accession of the republic to the OECD declarations and recommendations.

“Under this program we have thoroughly studied various aspects of Kazakhstan’s state policy and developed recommendations many of which underlay the laws aimed at the modernization of various spheres of Kazakhstan’s life,” Bishimbayev said.

As the press service of the National Economy Ministry told Kazinform, over the years of the program’s implementation, Kazakhstan has significantly moved ahead in digital government establishment, ensuring gender equality in education, employment and entrepreneurship as well as transparency in doing international business and concluding financial deals.  

The Minister noted that participation in the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting 2016 enables our country to see what measures are taken by developed countries for sustainable economic growth and receiving recommendations.

The goal of the OECD which unites 35 countries is to conduct a coordinated policy aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and advancing in living standards of member countries.  

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