Kazakhstan tops list of destinations for UAE tourists for Eid al-Fitr 2024

Photo credit: Alexander Pavsky/ Kazinform

In the sacred month of Ramadan and the approaching festival of Eid al-Fitr, data from the global air travel search engine Skyscanner reveals that Kazakhstan has become the most popular tourist destination for residents of the UAE, Kazinform News Agency has learnt from Kazakh Tourism JSC.

According to Skyscanner, the most preferred departure date for UAE residents is April 2, 2024, with over half of the surveyed travelers (51%) favoring trips lasting a week or less. Kazakhstan significantly outpaces other popular destinations with a surge in interest of 195%.

The list of desired vacation destinations looks as follows, including the highest year-on-year increase in searches for April departures.

Kazakhstan: 195%

Seychelles: 115%

Cyprus: 99%

Japan: 90%

Vietnam: 81%

Oman: 78%

Switzerland: 56%

Kenya: 53%

Mauritius: 52%

Greece: 49%

Skyscanner's travel expert, Ayub El Mamun, notes that the choice of Kazakhstan is linked to the UAE residents' desire for culture-oriented and relaxed vacations during Eid al-Fitr.

Data from eQonaq, a system by NC «Kazakh Tourism» JSC, confirms growing interest of tourists from the UAE in Kazakhstan, showing a doubling of visitors from 2,963 in 2022 to 6,051 tourists in 2023. Among the primary destinations in Kazakhstan for tourists from the UAE are the city of Almaty, Astana, and the Almaty region.

This surge in popularity of Kazakhstan as a tourist destination for UAE residents is a testament to the country's significant potential in the international tourism sector, offering a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. Indeed, the country's nature and cultural heritage annually spark unprecedented interest among foreign tourists. The picturesque mountains, stunning landscapes of lakes and rivers, spiritual landmarks, and the tandem of authentic and modern traditions of the steppe people are driving the surge in popularity.

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