Kazakhstan wheat exports may reach 13 mln tons, Union says

ASTANA. April 3. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan's wheat exports may be 13 million metric tons in the season starting July 1, according to the country's Grain Union Chairman Nurlan Tleubayev.

Wheat exports will also reach the same amount in the current season, including 4 million tons of flour calculated in grain equivalent, Tleubayev said today at a video conference from Astana. Barley exports may be 600,000 tons this season, he said, Bloomberg reports.  

Kazakhstan, which plans to sow 16.3 million hectares (40.3 million acres) with grains, expects to get a "medium" grain harvest of 15 million tons in the next season, Anna Buts, director of the farming department at Kazakhstan's agriculture ministry, said at the conference.


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