Kazakhstani film Dos Mukasan to be screened in Brussels

Photo: Aray Media Group studio

Today, September 26, Kazakh film Dos Mukasan is to be screened in the Cinema Palace in Brussels, Kazinform correspondent reports. 

Written by Efrat Sharipov and directed by Aigul Baibek, the film stars Meiirgat Amangeldin, Maksat Sabitov, Yeldos Shaikenov, Sayat Makulbayev, Aiganym Sagynbayeva, Nikita Pogodayev, Nurgisa Kuanyshbaiuly, and Abilmasur Serikov.

Famous bloggers Artur Askaruly and Zukhra Saipi made their debut in the film.

The closed screening of the Dos Mukasan film took place on September 27 last year and was released nationwide two days later.

Dos Mukasan, a pop vocal folk instruments ensemble, was established in 1967 by Dossym Suleev, Murat Kusaiynov, Khamit Sanbayev, and Alexander Litvinov.

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