Kazakhstani passport ranks 53rd in Global Passport Power Rank 2023

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan stands 53rd in the Global Passport Power Rank 2023. 193 member countries of the UN and six territories participated in the survey, Kazinform learned from finprom.com.

Following criteria were evaluated for each country: visa-free regime, visa-on-arrival, electronic entrance permission, electronic visas, rapid issuance of visas (3 days) etc.

The UAE passport was recognized the most powerful one with visa-free access to 125 destinations and visa-on-arrival score of 55.

Kazakhstan holds the 53rd line in the ranking with visa-free access to 39 countries. The country’s visa-on-arrival score is 52. The nationals of Kazakhstan are required to get a visa to travel to 107 countries of the world.

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