Kazakhstani peacekeepers begin mission in Golan Heights

Photo: Kazakh defense ministry

A Kazakhstani peacekeeping force has taken over daily duties in the Golan Heights, Kazinform News Agency cites the press service of the Kazakh defense ministry.

defense ministry
Photo: Kazakh defense ministry

Kazakhstani peacekeepers have taken over daily duties from the Irish-led mission, familiarizing with the infrastructure of the Fauar camp and the algorithm of actions of the UN rapid reaction force. 

Our unit is the reserve of the force commander. It could be deployed in different tasks, including in crisis moments, Ilyas Musstafin, senior officer of the international cooperation department of the Kazakh defense ministry, said.

The Irish soldiers conducted training for Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers in the order of actions of the rapid reaction force, allocation of responsibilities, zones of responsibilities and features of service in the Golan Heights.

Photo: defense ministry of Kazakhstan

As part of their daily duties, Kazakhstani peacekeepers are to maintain the military equipment and install combat modules on armored wheeled vehicles, prepare for assignments.

In addition, the Kazakhstani peacekeeping force’s logistics unit is engaged in installation of garage equipment for vehicle repairs, special containers for storing the existing weapons and ammunition.

To note, 1,500 peacekeepers from 12 countries are in service under the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force.

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