Kazakhstani students win NASA Space Settlement Contest

Photo: gov.kz
ALMATY. KAZINFORM – Kazakhstani students Ramazan Amre and Symbat Barsagazy from Almaty city won the NASA Space Settlement Contest, Kazinform cites the press service of the Kazakh Enlightenment Ministry.

The project Aenoica designed by 8th graders Ramazan Amre and Symbat Barsagazy from Kazakhstan won in the NASA Space Settlement Contest.

The NASA Space Settlement Contest is an annual design competition for 6-12th grade students sponsored by the NASA Ames Research Center and the NSS (National Space Society).

According to the students’ supervisor Raiymbek Abilbek, the Aenoica project focuses on fostering new technologies.

«Not only have we built a station – a home to 300 thousand residents, but a life-support system with the use of quantum communications, technologically advanced agriculture,» said Abilbek, expressing his delight over the project’s success.

This year, around 30 thousand students participated in the contest.