Kazakhstan’s SpaceLab enters top-15 startups in US

Photo: archives of Bekembayev

Kazakhstan’s startup SpaceLab, a partner of Astana Hub, specializing in the field of space technologies and developing solutions to prevent natural disasters and manage their consequences, has been recognized as one of the promising startups in California, the US, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.  

Besides, SpaceLab entered top 5 startups in the capital of the Silicon Valley of Palo Alto city according to the F6S global community. Among the Kazakhstani startup, the top 5 startups included space companies from India and the US - Pixxel Space Technologies Inc., Geosite, Array Labs и WindBorne Systems, the press service of the Astana Hub said.

According to co-founder and product and business development director of SpaceLab Dauren Aubakirov, such a decision of F6S – the leading world network where over 2.5 million startups and founding members are registered came unexpected for the company.

Presently, we are one of the few startups and young companies in the space sector in Kazakhstan. Such an assessment from the international professional community in the competitive and high-value industry is a significant motivational factor for us. This will give us an additional impetus to develop further, he said.

The F6S platform provides access to over thousands of acceleration program and funds from different countries. Up to 11 thousand startups have attracted three billion US dollars worth of investments in total through the platform.

As SpaceLab director Arman Bekembayev, former design engineer of Galam LLP, said that the startup became the resident of Astana Hub in 2023, by developing the Internet of Very Important Things: the connection of personnel, computers, sensors and controllers placed within key state and business facilities, including for monitoring the amount of precipitation and the state of ground for prediction of floods.

It’s truly encouraging that our aspiration to provide our country with an independent connection and strategic information was noticed beyond it. It’s very motivating, he said.

SpaceLab provides solutions for reliable transfer of data with the use of satellite networks. Its system Satellite IoVIT integrates hardware and software components, ensuring the reception and transfer of data between specialists, remote computer, IoT devices and the centralized infrastructure of the client.

One of the key edges of SpaceLab is its global reach, enabling to transfer data from any part of the world. In addition, the solution of SpaceLab is flexible and compatible with different satellite networks allowing for more freedom of choice for enterprises. Such a solution is of current interest for markets as it allows to optimize processes in different sectors and contributes to economic growth of a country.

SpaceLab concludes agreements with Kazakhstanis organizations, including telecommunication, mining and health ones, for pilot implementation of the project. The African countries also took interest in our product, including the request for a pilot launch in Ethiopia. Moreover, the team works on scaling up the project to the UAE markets, said Bekembayev.

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