Korean Consul Lee Yang-Goo: Kazakhstan makes progress sticking to its policy and foreign priorities

ATY. November 4. KAZINFORM /Yelena Ilinskaya/  "I am sure that Kazakhstan will make further progress sticking to its policy and current foreign priorities", General Consul of the Korean Embassy to Almaty Lee Yang-Goo said yesterday while giving a lecture in the T.Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University in Almaty. According to the Diplomat, the GDP of Korea in 1950s was up to USD 100 per capita.

Today the figure has reached USD 20 thousand. The country holds the 14th place in the GDP index and ranks 12th in the world trade volume. The development of the economy leads to the development of the state policy as well. Speaking about the achievements of Korea, the Consul stressed the importance of the Korea's G-20 Summit chairmanship that will be held in November next year. The signing of the Agreement on free trade with the European Union, the USA and a range of other countries held in October this year is another important achievement.

"Signing of the agreements manifests recognition of the Korean successes, its competitive ability and assurance. At the same time, Korea would like to adopt the experience in advanced technologies and know-how of the developed countries. According to estimates of the Goldman Sachs (world investment bank), united Korea will take 8 place on the GDP indexes in 2050, and 2 place after the USA - on the GDPR indexes per capita. For this purpose the Lee Myung-bak government proposed new policy - the Green Growth Policy, aimed ad provision of the dynamic development of Korea in coming 60 years", the Council General said.

The Korean Diplomat highly appraised the Kazakhstan's development. According to him, the country successfully overcame the transit period of development based on democracy and market economy, gain political stability.

Establishment of the CICMA, appreciated by the world community and served peace and stability in the region is another achievement of Kazakhstan. The Consul noted that the Congress of World Religious Leaders is a success as well as the fact that Kazakhstan will be first of the CIS countries to chair the OSCE in 2010. He believes that this reflects the recognition of the Kazakhstan's achievements by the world community.

 Lee Yang-Goo noted that according to the opinion of the leading foreign experts, the development of Kazakhstan in the next 10-15 years can be carried through on two main scenarios: positive and negative. "According to the positive scenario, the average annual economy growth of Kazakhstan will be up to 7-8%. Concerning the other scenario, the figure is up to 3-4%. I believe that Kazakhstan will develop on positive scenario", the Consul said.

Estimating the bilateral relations, the Korean Consul noted that both countries express mutual trust in partnership. The trade turnover between the countries is amounted to USD 800 mln. During the official visit of the Korean President to Kazakhstan in May this year the bilateral relations got status of strategic partnership. The Diplomat noted that today there exist several ways of activation of the partnership between two states. According to him, the most successful is the cooperation of states located on the Silk Road.     

The Consul said that one of the directions of cooperation is the "Railway Silk Road" connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway with the Trans-Korean Railway. The IT sphere is very important for cooperation as well. The last direction for cooperation is participation of Korea in the Kazakh economy diversification within the implementation of the industrial-innovative development plan. According to the Consul, Kazakhstan is on the important historic stage of implementation of the country modernization.

"Given the common history, similarity of characters, geopolitical location, peaceful living of the Korean Diaspora in Kazakhstan, there is no doubt in successful implementation of the program. We need to ensure comprehensive cooperation and introduction of execution strategies of all goals and programs" Lee Yang-Goo said.  

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