Kyrgyzstan hopes to restore Bishkek TPP's operation in coming days

Kyrgyzstan hopes to restore Bishkek TPP's operation in coming days
Photo credit: Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan

Efforts are underway in Kyrgyzstan to restore the stable operation of the Bishkek thermal power plant (TPP) by February 5, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan, Bakyt Torobayev, said, Trend reports.

"According to preliminary information, the boilers were not damaged during the explosion. We are working to restore their operation. We hope to achieve stability by Tuesday," Torobayev said.

He mentioned that the Ministry of Emergency Situations would be involved in the recovery and cleaning of the facility. The energy department will be restarting four boilers to resume the supply of heat and hot water to the residents of Bishkek. Currently, pressure in the pipes has been restored, and efforts are underway to fill the entire system, including the activation of backup boilers.

Torobayev noted that they plan to restore heating in Bishkek and supply hot water at around 50 degrees by the evening. He assured me that the situation is under the control of President Sadyr Zhaparov.

On February 2, 2024, at 03:00 AM (GMT+6), the Bishkek TPP, a major electricity-generating facility in Kyrgyzstan, experienced an accident, resulting in equipment failure. The Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan established an emergency headquarters to restore damaged equipment and address the incident's consequences. Five employees were injured and are currently

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