Labour wins UK General election in historic landslide

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Labour has emerged victorious in the UK general election, achieving a landslide win that will see Keir Starmer become the new prime minister, Kazinform reports.

The Conservatives have faced a catastrophic defeat, marking their worst results in history after 14 years in power.

"Change begins now," declared Starmer, while Rishi Sunak acknowledged that Britain has delivered a "sobering verdict."

Speaking at Royal Festival Hall in London, Starmer remarked that people would wake up relieved by the Labour victory and the Tory defeat, feeling that "a weight has been lifted, a burden finally removed."

Addressing a rally, he promised an "age of national renewal," pledging that Labour would "start to rebuild our country," but he also recognized that the path to change would not be easy.

Rishi Sunak accepted responsibility for the Conservative government's performance at the polls.

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