Launch of new series manned spacecraft from Baikonur rescheduled

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM - Launch of Soyuz MS manned spacecraft, which is due to take a new expedition to the International Space Station, has been rescheduled for July 7 from June 24 due to control system flaws that may disrupt the ship's docking with the ISS, a source in the Russian aerospace industry told TASS on Wednesday.

"The launch has been rescheduled for July 7," he said. "The crew is expected to come to Baikonur (the Russian space center located is Kazakhstan TASS) on June 24."

"Experts have established the ship will be rolling as it docks the ISS and they are unable to stop this rolling motion so far," the source said.

The rescheduling of the Soyuz MS launch has necessitated postponement of the launch of the Progress MS cargo spacecraft, initially planned for July 7. Under the new schedule, it may take place on July 17, the source said.

Source: TASS

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