Louvre likely to showcase Kazakhstan’s Golden Man

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The National Museum of Kazakhstan plans to include Altyn Adam (The Golden Man) to the list of artifacts to be showcased in Paris’ Louvre, Kazinform reports.

Altyn Adam is the most valuable relic and symbol of independent Kazakhstan.

Previously, the artifact was exhibited in 12 countries of the world as part of The Procession of Altyn Adam global tour. The goal of the project was to make this artifact a national brand. Altyn Adam and other historical items will be transferred to the commission on selection of artifacts, as part of Kazakhstan’s National Exhibition in Louvre in 2026.

Earlier, Minister of Culture and Sport Askhat Oralov said the National Exhibition of Kazakhstan in Louvre slated for 2026 is a part of the Cultural Code of the Kazakh Steppe Civilization project. The exposition will cover the period from the IV millennium BC to the mid-19th century. The exhibition will showcase authentic rare objects from a number of museums of Kazakhstan. The project will be operated by the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

Altyn Adam was discovered in 1969 by Kemal Akishev, founder of Kazakh archaeology, when he conducted excavation of the Issyk burial mound near Almaty. Altyn Adam is a young (approximately 16-18 years old) warrior of ancient Saka tribe buried in a an attire covered with golden pieces. The burial mound is dated back to the V-IV or IV-III centuries BC.

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