Lukashenko about presidency: I have no right to quit

MINSK. KAZINFORM - During his open dialogue with reporters on 29 January Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated that he had no right to abandon the presidency unless people decide otherwise. The head of state also stressed that losing the presidential race would be painful but not dramatic for him, Kazinform refers to

"I will not go. I have no such right. I have already explained: if the country collapses and you see me go, I will be accused of cowardice. I will have to answer for it," the head of state said. "I am a politician. I should fight in accordance with the rules of politics. I have certain knowledge and experience. It is hard to incriminate me of something, or attack me on something," he added.

"I have no right to withdraw my candidacy or not to run if I have no reasons against it. If I am safe and sound in 2015, perhaps you will see me among the candidates for the presidency," the President added.

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